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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Photo of the week: The sun goes down in Chelsea as J and I go off hunting for the best Christmas lights in London. My favourites are at the bottom of this post...

1. Christmas fun @ Jamie Oliver's Recipease, Notting Hill 
Back in January, my lovely housemates (remember Team Oaklands?) gave me a Recipease voucher. Recipease is Jamie Oliver's cookery school and you can go along to learn all sorts of exciting skills and recipes. It's mad, but it's taken me nearly a year to book my lesson. J came along with me and since we've been in the festive spirit since October we decided to go for a mince pie class. The wonderful and informative Antonia guided us through each step and I picked up a few new pastry tips. It was so lovely to relax and put my camera down whilst baking. A great way to wind down and enjoy baking in the festive season. We had an incredible time and were the last to leave the class, trying to perfect every last pie. Can you guess who's tray is who's?

Even though there was much competition between us, we both agreed that J's reindeer top was our favourite. Full of character!
Thoroughly recommend a class at Recipease. And it's the perfect gift for a foodie if you're stuck for Christmas ideas - hurrah!

2. Anything Reindeer
Talking of reindeer, I'm absolutely obsessed with them at the moment. Any kind of deer decor I'm crazy for, especially if there is a stag involved. I think it all started with my love for Amy Hamilton.
I was thrilled to discover that there were a beautiful pair in Covent Garden when I was visiting yesterday and I was quite literally twitching with delight. Shoulder to shoulder with under 12s, I was stroking the reindeer, oohing and aahing and snapping pictures. The fellow below was working the camera particularly well.
I think I would like one as a pet, please.

3. Anthropologie
I've had an online love affair with Anthropologie for quite a while now. Yesterday, I went into a real-life Anthropologie shop in London. My head exploded. Exploded. I went round touching every item saying "ooh I like this", "this is lovely", "oh I'd love this". It's one of those rare shops that ticks every box from homeware to your wardrobe. The kitchen department makes me particularly weak at the knees. It is also pretty much spot on my taste. Hallelujah! I'm afraid if you want to visit, you'll have to get yourself over to London asap or just settle for browsing their website for a couple of hours. Yes, I said a couple of hours. For now I'll leave you with some top picks. This is one of my favourites, as is this and that, ooh and can't forget these!
Ok, I'd actually just like the whole shop.

4. Greek Food
Greek food is seriously underrated. We're all over Italian, Mexican, Indian, Chinese but Greek cuisine is still a relatively small thing in the UK. This should change. The style is a mixture of super refreshing and hearty, balance your dishes and you'll have a fantastic meal. I also love the sharing idea, especially around this time of year. Everyone gets stuck in and then has a fight over who gets the last ring of squid. It's wonderful. If you're looking for a starting point I can't recommend Ergon enough. A quick walk from Selfridges, this is a seriously well located restaurant. Ridiculously tasty food, incredibly friendly staff and very reasonable prices. I'm sorry to say I didn't photograph our food in Ergon - we devoured too quickly for the SLR to even have a look in but I can recommend the Greek tomato salad, flava beans, squid and pork gyros. The cocktails aren't half bad either... Dribble, dribble, dribble.

5. London
You've probably guessed I've been in London this weekend. This Loves post is super heavy on the capital. I'm sorry to overload you, but I absolutely love London at any time of the year. Mountains of things to do, endless things to see and so much to eat. It is a travel bug's heaven.
I promised I'd show you my favourite Christmas lights in London. Now there were some gorgeous mistletoe-like lights around the Peter Jones Store and the Saatchi gallery that are definitely worth checking out but my favourites had to be on Oxford Street. Simple twinkling baubles hung as far as the eye can see, lighting up tourists, harassed shoppers and drunk singing Santas alike. Kinda beautiful, right? You can never beat a jam-packed day in the capital.
Have a wonderful Sunday, friends! x

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