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Sunday, 8 December 2013

 Photo of the week: Nautical throw back from the summer.
I have a really bad habit of not sharing some of my favourite photos with you, this is one of them!

1. Remembering Nelson Mandela
This week, a man who changed our world passed away. Nearly every news provider has done a series of his life in pictures, or his life in quotes. After a some searching, I have found my favourite collection. The Guardian have done a really interesting collection of 41 captioned photographs that are definitely worth looking at. If you haven't done already, I think you'd really love a scroll through. There is nothing more for me to say here, I simply wanted to be part of the celebration of Nelson Mandela's incredible life.

 Photo via www.theguardian.com

2. Josie
I am very lucky to have a sister that is just over a year older than me. This means we get to share clothes, moan about university work and can visit each other during the week! Hurrah! On Wednesday she popped up to visit, do some Christmas shopping and generally lark around together. As my mum and I are seasoned shutterbugs, we're used to taking pictures at every meeting. Poor J, who was chief photographer on this one, wasn't so used to it. He refused to take no more than 30 photos (rude, right?), but we did get a couple of good ones. And it was lovely to spend time together, as always.  

3. Morrisons blog of the month!
I was thrilled to receive a tweet this week telling me I was one of Morrisons favourite food blogs this month. Sometimes it feels like only your Mum and your boyfriend read your blog (and that is only when you fiercely threaten to stop cooking. J, I'm looking at you) so it is pretty special to be recognised. And especially by a huge supermarket! You can find their favourite food blogs on their online magazine and if you click on my icon you can read what they thought about my 3 generation Christmas pudding. Thanks, guys!

4. Weekends spent in onesies
Currently my weekends consist of walking, working and wearing onesies. During December this is a pretty awesome combination. Sadly my last onesie was ridden with holes and covered in a few (read: several) spillages. J thought it was time we invested in new ones so this weekend we went out and selected the snuggliest we could find. On the high street I only really rated New Look, who have a varied range from super cute and snuggly to novelty. I probably won't be wearing anything else whilst I'm mooching about the house.
Also snuggly may be my word of the month. 

5. The Hunger Games 
You already know Josie came to visit me on Wednesday. What you don't know, is that we went to see THE HUNGER GAMES!!! We'd been waiting to get together and see it since it came out in November. By the time we finally met up we were both a bit jittery to go and see Jennifer Lawrence do her thing. I am pleased to tell you that it did not disappoint and lived up to every 5 star rating it's received. It's a must to go and see. Also, Liam Hemsworth. Sold!
Have a lovely weekend, friends! x


  1. Love the little round ups. You make me miss being a student, and make me tempted to invest in a onesie!

    1. Thanks, Emma! I don't think you can go wrong with a onesie, student or otherwise.
      Also just checked out your blog. Wish I was on your Christmas gift list, those Salted Carmels look aaaamazing! xx


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