Lottie Loves: 6

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Photo of the week: LLK HQ has been Christmas-fied. Obsession with blurry pictures continues.

1. Olivia Burton.
Oh my God. Have you seen the aaaaamazing designs at Olivia Burton? They have an incredible collection of vintage style watches. I'm absolutely in love the woodland and animal motifs, the illustrations are so detailed and quite beautiful. I think they would make the perfect Christmas present, so adorable. My particular favourite is the watch below, link here. Santa, if you're reading, I have been good this year. 

 2. December Walks
Happy December 1st, friends! I take December incredibly seriously. I'm all about wrapping up in jumpers, wearing green and red combinations and snuggling up on the sofa in a den of multi-coloured fairy lights. I also love walking in December. Especially when the sky is clear, the sun is bright and the air is crisp. My first walk of December had all three of those magical factors. It was lovely.
And guess what, 24 sleeps until Christmas... (!!)

3. Breaking Bad final scene reading (Spoilers!!)
I binge-watched Breaking Bad this summer. I raced through all the series in under a month. I had a severely unhealthy obsession. I wish I'd savoured the episodes a little more, I miss Bryan Cranston in my life. Buttttt, now I'm a fan I get to stumble across delightful little clips like the one below. This is Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul reading through the finale scene of Felina. It's kinda magical. In a weird way.

4. 17 Productive things to do in 5 minutes 
I read this wonderful article the other day and knew it was something to share with you. It lists 17 things to do in 5 minutes other than checking your email (again). I love number 12. I need to get into the habit of taking my SLR out of every day walks again. Definitely worth a read to shake up your email reading routine.

5. My new love, super snugly lined suede gloves.
These are my ultimate winter accessory. I love the suede on the cream super-soft lining. I'd been looking for a good pair for a long, long time but as I have quite big hands I was struggling to find a pair that fit nicely. In a large, these cover my very long fingers beautifully with a little extra wiggle room, too! My fingers are now always incredibly toasty. If you also want the snuggest hands in the land, you can find your own pair here.
Have a lovely Sunday! x

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