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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Photo of the week: Warm colours in cold weather. 

1. Doctor Who
Can we just appreciate?
If you're not a fan, just humour me. Or skip to point 2.
If you are a Doctor Who fan, you will know that last night (Saturday 23rd November) was the 50th anniversary special. Otherwise known as a timey-wimey explosion of fun, involving Matt Smith, David Tennant, John Hurt and more! As David Tennant is my doctor of choice, I enjoyed the episode like a crazy time groupie. I didn't make my way down to the cinema, but snuggled up on the sofa with my no yeast pizza and then had my mind blown. I wouldn't be surprised if there were nerd-gasms going on all over the world, Steven Moffat has done an incredible job - along with everyone else involved. If you haven't watched it yet, iPlayer has got your back. Watch it here

 Photo via BBC News

2. Sunday foraging
After spending all of last night huddled on the sofa, J and I went out to stretch our legs this afternoon and were happy to find that the apple crop wasn't quite over. I was thrilled, I've got a few apple recipes buzzing around my head. After we played a little improvised apple cricket we filled our pockets with all we could carry and planned an apple crumble for tea! I absolutely love chilly autumn walks. Am I the only one wishing for a little dusting of snow, too? 

3. Cake and other less important things on LCR
Every Saturday morning during term time, you can find my in a radio studio nattering on about food, films and student life. It's basically what I do here, but with a little more music and a little less flour all over my face. And yes, it is called 'Cake and other less important things', Cake for short. I'd love you to listen in, I think you'd enjoy it if you're an LLK fan. Listen from 10am-11am on LCR. I'll see you on Saturday!

4. Homemade Christmas Gifts
I love to make things. I love to give my efforts to friends and family and I hope they love to receive them. Last year I started to make some of my own Christmas presents. Of course they were all foodie related but the fun really doesn't stop there when it comes to making your own gifts. Check out the list of homemade gifts on How Sweet It Is. If you are looking for foodie ideas though, delicious. magazine, BBC GoodFood and Google are always a good place to start! I'd love to share my ideas for this year, but a couple of present addressees may be reading this post...

5. It's OK to be a Grinch via StudentBeans.com
I feel like I might be overloading you with Christmas too early. (Sorry/not sorry). This year my festive spirit kicked in super early and I haven't been too good at screening it out of my blog posts. For those who are just not ready to start stocking up the mince pies, I found a hilariously dry article on StudentBeans.com on why it's ok to be a Grinch. Number 11 is a problem I run into every year.
Photo via StudentBeans.com

Enjoy your weekend, friends! x

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