Lottie Loves: 4

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Photo of the week: spotting autumn colours on foggy walks.

1. Photography with Archie
I went this home this week to recuperate from writing essays. I was looking forward to long walks and watching Strictly with no guilty essay conscience. I have to say, it was lovely to not do work for a whole day. Luxury! I spent all my time either by the fire or filling my memory cards with pictures of my favourite little fluff balls. My pup, Archie, is always blissfully unaware that I'm trying to get a photo of him. I don't think he's not a fan of the camera, if he could I'm sure he'd push me away shouting 'No paps! No paps!'. Unfortunately for him, he can't do that and I'm a persistent photographer.
I got a couple of good ones, he is such a handsome chap.

But mostly he and my camera don't cooperate.
Wallace and Gromit character? 

Slow down you crazy pup!

Oh well that was a fail, wasn't it? 

My little kit is much better at posing. 

Paint me like one of your french girls.

2. Travel daydreaming
University has taught me I'm not your average procrastinator (amongst other things, of course). I won't let myself sit down and watch TV because I get work guilt like crazy. I won't do any recreational reading - again the work guilt kills me. I'm pretty sure it's a nerd thing. I compromise by surfing the web for somewhere for my frazzled mind to wonder. This week, buzzfeed wowed me with their 27 Surreal Places to Visit Before You Die article. I was completely enchanted by each place, especially the glowworm cave! All on the bucket list.   

 Photo via Buzzfeed  

3. Oprah Winfrey
I have a confession. I know nothing about Oprah. Of course I know she has her own show and does a lot of charity work, but that's about where my knowledge ends. I saw her on the Jonathan Ross show last night and I am distraught with myself that I am so ignorant in the Oprah department. I've made it my current mission to find out more, she sounds like such an interesting person.
I also really want to see The Butler!

4. Christmas preparation (!!)
Another reason for popping home this weekend, was to get together with my mum and nan and prepare a Christmas pudding. We've decided to make our own this year and I have to say, it could definitely shape up to quite a jolly little tradition. We spent yesterday stirring and steaming and we all sampled a test one this afternoon. I'll have a recipe coming your way next week. It is such a satisfying thing to make yourself!

5. Lily Allen's Somewhere Only We Know
Yes, so by now I'm ready allll ready for Christmas. I'm patiently awaiting the first frost so I can bombard you all with twinkly and frosty pictures. If you follow me on Instagram you won't see the end of it. But while I wait, I'm ever so happy to listen to Lily Allen's Somewhere Only We Know, which is the song of John Lewis' christmas advert this year. If you haven't seen it, google Bear and Hare. And then stick this on repeat. I have.


  1. Love that you're preparing for Christmas already!!
    I am in denial that its just over a month away.. in my head, it's still October.

    { Teffys Perks Blog } X

    1. I'm excited way to early this year, but I can't help myself! xx


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