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Sunday, 10 November 2013

 Photo of the week: Throwback from Barbados, Summer 2011. 
Beautiful costumes at Crop Over Festival. I can't believe I haven't shared any of my Bajan pictures with you before!

1. Owl Cafe, Japan
Oh my God - have you heard about this yet? If you haven't kick back and allow me blow your mind. Japan, who are already known for their quirky cafes, we're talking cat cafes, granny cafes, penguin bars, have now opened a number of owl cafes! Mental and wonderful in equal measures. Now if you know me (and the kinda owl loving kid I am) then you'll know that this idea will drive me bonkers. There are owl-themed snacks, owls perching all around and in some cafes you're even encouraged to handle the birds. Woah. Now, anyone for a quick visit to Japan?
Actually scrap that, anyone want to open up an owl cafe in the UK with me? 

Photo via Buzzfeed

2. Homemade Autumnal Bunting
You know me by now, I like a little frugal living, saving money and still making beautiful food. But my frugal love doesn't stop at food, I'm also quite a craft bug. When I was younger I'd always be making things and if you ever receive a birthday card from me there is a good chance it will be handmade. So when autumn rocked around in all its red and yellow glory this year I thought now was the time to brighten up my flat and not spend a penny. I went out and collected my favourite fallen leaves, dried them out for a day or two and threaded them onto a long piece of string. Bob's your uncle - I had some autumn bunting! Simply string it up on a wall and enjoy the colours of autumn inside this year.
This is such an easy idea and if you're like me a love a bumpkin look, this free (!!) autumn bunting is definitely for you.

3. Shutterbean's Carrot and Coconut Soup
Remember back in April when I went to Berlin and I was raving about that Carrot and Coconut soup? I said that I was going to recreate it but never got around to it. Happily the wonderful Tracy from Shutterbean has done all the hard work for me. Her recipe looks amaaaazing and this recipe is on my to-make list for next week. I know it's going to be the awesome winter warmer I've been craving ever since April.

Beautifully styled photo from Shutterbean.
4. Cinnamon Yankee Candle
Talking of winter warmers, I need to tell you about mine and J's purchase of the week. I've been pining after a Yankee Candle for quite some time and finally we plumped for the Cinnamon Stick candle to welcome in the festive season. If you're a candle lover, I would definitely recommend the Yankee collection as they turn out to be a much better investment, the large jars burning for 150 hours. I thought it was about time as I keep zipping through little Glade candles. The smell is also unbeatable. Quick tip, grab these from eBay - they're probably much cheaper than buying in store. You can find the link to this one here

5. Pentatonix + Beyoncé = hallelujah
I've mentioned this group before in a brownies post but I need to talk about them again. Pentatonix, the aweeesome acapella group, have now done the Evolution of Beyoncé in 6 glorious minutes. I'm a big fan of acapella, mashups and Beyoncé (who isn't?) so this is on repeat at the moment. I particularly love the bass, such a wonderfully deep voice. I'm weird, but if you're a fan of things that make your ears happy? Press play, now. 
And have a lovely Sunday, friends!


  1. I SO want to go to the Owl Cafe!! :D

    Caroline x
    Cocktails and Caroline

    1. It sounds like it could be the best place in the world! xx


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