Lottie Loves: 2

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Photo of the Week: Russian Revolution Exhibit @ the Tate, London.
This reminds me of my History A Level, so I loved this exhibit!

1. Pokemon Pumpkins (!!!)
As you all are probably aware, last Thursday was Halloween. Jack and I celebrated with cheesy horror films in a homemade den. But first, we carved ourselves some pumpkins. Jack is a bit of a Pokemon fan so this year we went for Squirtle and Charmander pumpkins, inspired by these. Can you guess who carved who?
They took AGES to complete, but we're pretty chuffed with the results. Did you guys get up to anything exciting? Any awesome pumpkin pictures to share? 

2. Caitlin Moran on London Living
I follow the wonderful Caitlin Moran on twitter and this weekend she posted an article she wrote for The Times on the changing face of London. It is well worth a read, or even just a flick through of her twitter feed as the feedback from Londoners past, present and future are very interesting. What do you think? Is London shutting it's doors to 'the young, the weird and the poor'? I'd like to hope not...

Picture from Caitlin Moran's Twitter feed

3. Autumn Nights in with Family
As soon as 1st November hit, the winds became blustery and the evenings much chillier than before. I started to wear my furry headgear and rejoiced that Autumn had finally, properly arrived. One of my favourite things about Autumn, are the weekend nights spent with family. This weekend, my boyfriend and I went home to his parents and we've had some lovely evenings with a tonne of food, fun and compulsory splash or three of red wine. I'm going to shamelessly admit that these kind of nights makes me very excited for Christmas. Am I the only one? Please say no.

4. Russell Brand vs. Jeremy Paxman
You might have already seen this interview with Russell Brand and Jeremy Paxman. When released, it stormed it's way across the internet dividing opinions and sparking debate. It makes for such an interesting conversation and both Brand and Paxman raise interesting points. I'll say no more here but I urge to to watch the interview and read this article on the Huff Post. What impact do Brand's words have on you? An interesting one, hey? 

5. Sarah Kay and Spoken Poetry
The poet and student and creative inside of me can't help but post Sarah Kay on my weekly loves. I came across her this week whilst doing research for uni work and haven't stopped scouring the internet for her work since. This isn't for everyone but if you're at all interested in poetry or performance, then give this a go. I've recently fallen in love with spoken poetry and I challenge you not to, too. I know this weeks loves were a little strange, but this is what my week has looked like. What can I say, I'm a weirdo. Now give Sarah a listen!

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