Hot and Spicy Killer Beef Sandwich

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Guess what, last Sunday I ate roast beef and drank red wine. This is unheard of when I'm up at university. Roast beef is pricy, as are bottles of wine that don't last two days. Ok - don't last the evening - but I was sharing. But do you know what I discovered? Brisket! At only £1 or 2 more expensive than my regular roast chicken, it was a delightful and surprisingly affordable change. Red wine was the price it always is but... y'know. Wine. So I enjoyed beef on a Sunday, how delightful. But how does this tie in to today's post you ask? Well, on Monday I made this sandwich. I have endless recipes for leftover chicken but I have never had to deal with leftover beef. But I can tell you now, it was an absolute pleasure. This recipe is so crazy naughty it almost feels decadent! Warm, gravy soaked hunks of beef nestled beneath tangy pickled onions, spicy jalapenos and fiery strips of chilli. Iceberg and ciabatta cool our tastebuds down just enough before we get a punch of American mustard. It's not super hot, just enough heat to make your lips tingle. And I know I've called it a 'killer' sandwich, but it's not laced with cyanide, it is just blow your brains out awesome. 
This is a naughty, filthy, dirty sandwich. It's the kind of sandwich that laughs at the manwich title and simply sits there arrogantly waiting for some brave soul to devour it. I believe in us, we can be brave souls. We have to devour, like now. And I've gotta warn you now, if you're looking for a first date meal this isn't the one for you. You're going to get it everywhere. All over your face and probably in your lap. But I know you're gonna love it.
We should probably start getting down to it.

For a Hot and Spicy Killer Beef Sandwich you will need (serves 2, generously):

250g leftover beef brisket, shredded
75ml leftover beef gravy
1/4 iceberg lettuce
1 red chilli
2 spoonfuls green jalapenos 
4 pickled onions
1 ciabatta loaf 
American mustard 

Begin by heating up the gravy with a splash of water. Once gently bubbling add your shredded beef and coat thoroughly in the gravy. Keep on a medium heat until the beef is warmed through. 

Prepare your other ingredients. Whack the ciabatta in the oven for 5-10 minutes, slice the chilli into strips, chop the onions and jalapenos and shred the lettuce. 

This is the kinda crap I have to deal with on a daily basis.
Fo' real. 

Anyway, on with the show.
Once warm, slice your ciabatta length ways, so you have one big sandwich base ready to roll. 

Spoon over the beef an any extra gravy left in the pan.
You can leave the gravy on the side for dunking but I like it all in there. 

On go the pickled onions

aaand the jalapenos 

aaand the chilli.

At this point, J started to hover over me and I'm sure was wishing I wasn't a food blogger obsessed with taking pictures from every angle.
Unlucky boyo, check this one out. 

Shredded lettuce and a zig-zagging of mustard finish this bad boy off. 

Close it down.
The filling has a life of its own and will fall out. Persevere though, we just have to accept that this is going to be a messy one.

Stick a knife it, because - why not? This sandwich is screaming out for it.

Slice carefully in half and plate up with extra mustard on the table and perhaps the jar of pickled onions.
I'm a fiend for pickled onions. Fun fact for you there.

Dig in.
You'll need a great load of kitchen roll and absolutely no dignity. 

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  1. Looks so delicious!
    I never make steak beef sandwiches, need to change that!

    { Teffys Perks Blog } X


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