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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Photo of the week: Autumnal fare @ Borough Market, London

Hello there, friends. I'd like to apologise for my longer than usual silence at LLK. I've been having a bit of a blog over haul (all in my head) and have been thinking about themed posts and when I want to put content out. This is all probably a little too much information (you just came here for a good cake recipe, right?) but it is important, as I'm introducing my new collection of blogs. Drum roll please... Lottie Loves! This will be a weekly post, put out (hopefully) every Sunday that compiles five things that I'm loving in that particular week. I'll share my favourite photo of the week and then snippets from the web, various cookbooks and my everyday life. All sorts.
I will be continuing to post about food (I can't keep away) and other bits on a Wednesday. That's right, LLK is getting organised! I'm a finalist now, this sort of organisational gubbins gotta' happen.
So Lottie Loves week 1 - let's get into it.

1. Parsnip the Hamster
For those who don't follow me on twitter/instagram/facebook you won't know that I have a baby! Ok, ok, not a real baby but my own fluffy ball of joy. A tiny Syrian hamster who is the cutest little bear ever! I'm a big animal lover and a hamster has been a long time coming. Finally J and I decided to go for it and Parsnip became the newest member of our family. I'm planning to have him riding around in my pocket by Christmas.
He's adorbs! Yup, I'm saying adorbs at the moment.

2. Three Tiered Coconut Cake
I adapted this recipe earlier this week for a friends 'Re-21st'. I absolutely love coconut and think it's so underrated as a cake flavour. Both subtle and quite delightful. I added real vanilla for those lovely little black flecks throughout the cake and cream cheese icing and of course for the wonderful flavour, that complements coconut so beautifully. Loads of dessicated coconut to decorate (beware, this will go everywhere) and you're ready to roll on down to birthday town.
Someone stop me from rhyming, it's embarrassing.

3. Hilarious Food Blogging Tumblrs
I added this tumblr to my daily reads page a couple of weeks ago, but if you still haven't seen it you need to get yourself over there now. #WhatShouldWeCallFoodBlogging gets me every day with their imaginative and oh-so-true gifs. One of my absolute favourites.
This is just a sneak peek into the witticisms that are just waiting there to get all up in your business.

4. Blogger Collaborations
The lovely Fran of Francesca's Fitness (blog here, vlog here) popped over this weekend for an afternoon of recipe blogging and vlogging. It is so wonderful to have a blogger friend and be able to natter on with about how to vlog, web stats and advertising (yes, all so exciting). We had a such fun cooking up some Halloween themed recipes and then eating it all. She's a babe and we had a ball. I'll have my healthy and not so healthy Halloween recipes for you on Wednesday. They're super easy and all about making the most of your pumpkin.  

5. #SOSVirunga Campaign
Now for something serious. I came into contact with the SOS Virunga Campaign last week. It is a petition to keep oil exploration out of Africa's oldest national park - some places are just too precious to exploit. The film campaign is incredibly moving and Anna Friel is a brilliant and passionate ambassador for the WWF. I've signed up my support to stop the movement for oil in Virunga, you should too. And if you want to find out more, you can do so here.

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