Emmett's of Peasenhall

Friday, 6 September 2013

In my last post, I shared a few photos of my trip away to the coast and I mentioned a place called Emmett's. Whenever I'm away, I can't help but route out at least one little foodie treasure to satisfy my food blogger cravings. I was told that Emmett's had the best Ploughman's around and it was a must-taste. Furthermore it is full of in-house smoked hams, fresh and local produce and a tasting deck. I had to go there, for sure. So naturally, one afternoon Jack and I hopped along to see what all the hype was about.   
Tasting table - won me over. 

Emmett's was named The Best Independently Owned Shop of 2012 - as you can see, they're pretty proud about it.

And so they should be - the front of the shop is packed with hanging smoked and cured meats just waiting to be inspected and photographed. At least that's what I do.

The relatively small room is full of fruits, vegetables, preservatives, meats and all sorts of other delights including a whole counter of chocolate.

I was dragged away from the chocolate before I tucked in face first and we headed out to the garden at the back of the shop to take a seat in the sun.

We were very excited at the look of the menu - especially as we'd just walked through the food parlour to get out to the garden.
Happy faces!

We started with glasses of ginger beer and a super tangy Suffolk pressed apple juice. Lip-smacking, eye-popping and altogether addictive!

Then we tried out Emmett's sourdough laden with plump and ripe tomatoes that simply tasted of summer. The little piles of red goodness were drizzled in extra virgin olive oil. These slices were gone in no time and excited us for the reason we had come to Emmett's.    

The Ploughman's Board. Heavy with hams, cheese, chutney and in the words of Emmett's, served like it was 200 years ago.

We couldn't help but try the Charcuterie Board too. Laden with a selection of Emmett's own English, Spanish and Italian charcuterie served with grilled artichoke, olives and chutney.   

The fruit on the plate is crazily ripe. The tomatoes and peach explode with flavour and juices in the mouth. It was an awesome experience. 

We had a lot of fun creating different combinations. Here, Jack goes a little overboard with his creation. 

On both boards, the addition of the beautifully rip peaches was a stroke of inspiration. On the charcuterie board especially, the addition of summery sweetness sets off the selection of smokey charcuterie.

The Ploughman's board was a thoughful and delicately balanced combination of hams and cheeses.
I also loved the serving boards - shaped into little pigs with Emmett's engraved into the belly. If you're completely sold on them, you can purchase the boards in the shop. I almost did!

We finished the boards in no time - they were incredible! However do be aware, some pieces on the menu are scarily pricey.  

Back to the front of the shop - take me away from the chocolate!!

We loved Emmett's so much we decided to take a little piece away with us (paid for of course, I realise that sounds like we performed a heist) to share with the rest of the family.
A word to the wise though, the chutney is about all one can afford on a reasonable budget. So don't expect to do a grocery shop in Emmett's - specialist ham doesn't come cheap!

If you're ever in the area and are in need of you can find them here.


  1. Looks a great place to visit.

  2. Hi Lott, that looks fab, where is it?

    Well done on your newsnight film by the way!

    Have you seen Jess' blog, not award winning yet but she's getting there, some o the photos are great.

    Take care .

    David xxx

    1. Hello!
      Peasenhall in Suffolk, I'm sure you would love it. Nice selection of wine too!
      I have, of course! Love keeping up with her.
      Lots of love xxxx


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