Back to School: Roast Chicken

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

In a previous blog post, I'd already harped on about how great the humble roast chicken is. The thing is this previous blog post, that is the Herbed Crème Fraîche Roast Chicken, wasn't too humble. There were herbs, there were crèmes and there was all sorts of fraîche being thrown about. Not too studenty, not too humble. But today I am here to share the perfect student recipe for the most modest of budgets that will still leave you totally satisfied and with enough money to go to town on freshers. It will also remind you of home comforts and make sure you have some hard to come by nutritional value during your crazy freshers week. 
If you need to be resold on roast chicken number one you're crazy, and number two it is so much more cost effective than buying cooked chicken, or even buying filleted chicken. Annnddd number 3, its a great meal to make for a group. Hello new uni friends, lets eat chicken. Get on the roast chicken train, get on it now. Are we done here now? Good. Let's go.
Oh, and I have an awesome leftovers recipe coming your way soon, so don't you fret about that either! I gotcha back, jack.

For 1 super tasty Roast Chicken you will need:

1 chicken
1 lemon
2 cloves garlic
2 bay leaves
Drizzle of olive oil
Drizzle of honey
Salt and pepper

Let's cook. (Fellow Breaking Bad fans, does this make me sound like Walt...?)

Begin by preparing your garlic by crushing it, lemon by quartering it and bay leaves by... well just get them out of the jar.

Now drizzle your olive oil over the chicken in its roasting tin and gently massage all over.

Spritz with a little lemon, one or two segments will do.
Stuff all the segments along with the garlic and bay leaves into the cavity of the chicken.

And drizzle the honey in too. 

Sprinkle the chicken with rock salt and season with a little pepper too.
Put in an oven preheated to 220c and roast for 20 minutes.

After the 20 minutes take out and spoon over the delicious juicy goodness in the bottom of the pan and reduce the oven to 190c. Return the chicken to the oven and roast for another hour and ten minutes and cover in the juice twice more, once 15 minutes before the chicken is due to come out of the oven.
I roasted my chicken for 1 hour and 35 minutes, but always check the cooking instructions on the pack to make sure you're cooking it through.

Leave to sit for at least fifteen minutes before slicing up. 

I find half of a small chicken feeds two people generously, so plently left for leftover recipes - stay tuned on that front.
Happy Roasting!


  1. that roast chicken looks soooo delicious!! we are having our first roast in our new uni flat this weekend- such a lovely home comfort! Katie xx

    1. Thanks, Katie! Hope the roast went well :)
      Also I'm loving your Roasted Plum and Almond skillet cake - looks to die for! xx


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