Twin Falls, Jim Jim and an Unexpected Adventure

Saturday, 3 August 2013

I'm happy to be sharing my favourite day of my tour today. Spent mainly in Kakadu National Park I was surrounded by beauty all day. We spent most of the day in awe and amazement and laughter filled so many moments, we were all so giddy! It is such a wonderful feeling to be excited by travel, to have butterflies as you hike over a ridge that opens out to clear pools if water, surrounded by tropical habitat. But I'm getting ahead of myself, lets start at the beginning, shall we? 
We set off at a leisurely 7am. The two hour lie in and considerably warmer mornings were extremely welcome after the close to zero degree mornings of the Alice and surrounds deserts. Kakadu is a remote and relatively unspoiled place so we had to take a four by four to navigate the dirt roads. Nick warned us we were about to embark on the worst road we had ever experienced. I'm not sure I took him too seriously until I was completely off my seat, suspended in the air and rocketing around all over the place. The drive was like a rollercoaster and was hilarious! Up and down and side to side we bumped our way through Kakadu, it was awesome! At one point we had to cross a river. Infested with crocodiles. 

Yup, this photo is taken out of the window as we crossed the river chitty chitty bang bang style. 

On a stict croc watch. 
Nick got us across safe and sound and after a few more roads spent suspended between the seat and the ceiling (I realise I am making it sound like zero gravity in the truck, but it may as well have been) we hopped out and started the climb to the top of Twin Falls. 

It was a steep and rocky descent. The landscape seems so dry and yet there is greenery everywhere. We soon crossed the final ridge and found the oasis responsible for the greenery.

The top of Twin Falls. Home to gloriously clear pools that are safe to submerge yourself in. 

We had a paddle and then prepared to take the plunge. 

The water was beautiful. In 30+ degree heat we all slipped in and cooled off, spotting small schools of fish and looking out for the water monitor lizard. 

You gotta write home about this place. 

After refreshing ourselves in the rock pools we walked back to look down from the top of Twin Falls. As it is the dry season there is very little water falling in this area, but I'm not complaining. The view is still boggling! 
Another crazy drive and we were on our way to the base of Jim Jim falls. 

This is the climb to the base of the falls: tricky. There is a lot of rock clambering and helping each other jump across, but to me, this makes you feel like you've earned the right to look upon Jim Jim. 

Like King's Canyon, I would climb ten times more just to see this view. 

The water is crystal clear and the reflections cast shimmer and breezes whisper past the trees and through the rocks. 

Arrival at Jim Jim makes you feel incredibly insignificant. There are no words to describe its vast magnificence. Perhaps pictures will tell a better story. 

White sands, black and red rock and sparkling fresh water. 

It was so special to simply immerse my feet in the hot sand and drink it all in. You also have to explore over the rocks. Unfortunately I couldn't swim my camera over with me but the bottom pool of Jim Jim is well worth a look. A round pool of deep black water, the remnants of the falls breaking the surface. Few swim in this fathoms deep pool, but to look upon it is incredible. Like a glassy black hole in the middle of the earth. 

Heather and I attempted to capture the moment, if not the landscape I think we managed to get our elation. 
We sadly dried off and headed back to the truck and the sun made its steady progress across the sky. Little did we know that our days adventures were not over yet. 

Guess what's missing? 

That's right, the wheel. Unfortunately and crazily the axel had snapped on our truck. Luckily nobody was hurt and Nick dealt with everything in an amazingly calm and professional manner. 

We made the most of our impromptu stop and got to work on some pretzels and I admired the roadside plant life. 

This experience taught me how genuinely nice people are in the Northern Territory. Every car, truck and lorry that drove past stopped to make sure we were ok. Royal waves were used for all that passed to check on us - long story short, there were a lot of royal waves. 

Nick managed to get us a transfer truck to a nearby campsite in under 30 minutes where we would now spend the night and we added the event to our exciting list of adventures. Strangely, from the back of the stuffed transfer truck the whole thing was quite exciting and even a little funny. The company certainly made the whole experience very easy. 

Back at camp we had a candlelit dinner for our last night all together. Whilst you may be thinking we're all hopeless romantics, there was actually no electricity to speak of. 

Dinner consisted of an assortment of salads, steaks and kangaroo. A mug of wine or two and we were laughing and reminiscing over our tour. 
I've a few more adventures to share with you yet, but for now, over and out. 


  1. this looks like such a beautiful place! xxx

    1. It is a wonderful place, I'd recommend anyone to visit. I just checked out your blog and love how you wrote up the Sri Lankan tea smoked trout pâté post. Thank you for sharing! Xx

  2. What a beautiful and peaceful place to visit, your blog is an inspiring read too.

    1. It is hard to believe places like this exist, truly breathtaking. Thank you, Jane. X

  3. Wow, what the adventure you had!! The whole croc watch would've had me off my seat, especially considering the bumpy ride!

    Teffy || Teffys Perks Blog


    1. I was on red alert with the crocs! All a bit strangely exhilarating as you drive through waters containing predators that would happily eat your arm...! xx


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