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Sunday, 11 August 2013

For those of you who follow my blog, you'll know for the past couple of weeks I've been blogging my way up the middle of Australia in the Northern Territory. Whilst I'm not quite finished with Oz on LLK, I have had to come back down to earth and step back into reality. Luckily for me, current reality is pretty sweet and here begins the topic of today's post, The Plough in Bolnhurst. 
Currently, my delightful family are excelling at life and to celebrate each others success we headed out for dinner together. It's not often that we manage to align our schedules so dinner had to be good. No pressure, Plough. 

A rustic farmhouse exterior and unassuming entrance greet you just as you pick up the delicious smells wafting from the kitchen. 

A warm and tasteful interior to enjoy along with a quick game of spot the finest beard in the room. 

The simple furnishings and soft lighting make The Plough romantic in corners...

Yet the floor to ceiling windows that let natural light spill in make other tables seem incredibly social. The subtle versatility is both special and impressive. 
Enough interiors, shall we talk food? 

We began with freshly baked bread dipped in oil and sea salt.

An Australian wine because I can't quite let go yet and we were ready to order. 

Jo opted for the Goosnargh chicken infused with lemon-thyme with smashed broad beans, red onion rosti and pancetta. The chicken was cooked perfectly, which made the dish completely as chicken can so often be poorly executed.

Mum went for the vegetarian option, baked globe artichoke with a compote of vine tomatoes, piquillo peppers and black olives. Whilst both Jo and Mum enjoyed their dishes they did get a little order envy with my Dad and I's choice. 

Peppered Denham estate venison steak with creamed spinach, olive oil potato, baby beets and a red wine sauce. It was oh my god I wish I could rewind time and eat it again good. Whilst it was specified to be cooked pink, it was edging towards brown. However, I did not mind one bit as the texture was still deliciously tender and the steak just melted in the mouth. The other components of the dish were balanced and were the perfect companion to the venison. 
Whilst the mains were incredible, how could we say no to dessert? 

Mum described her summer pudding with clotted cream as like eating a summer field of berries. It was a sure winner. 

Jo plumped for the classic lemon tart that was simply beautiful with its caramelised top and gone in a matter of minutes (read: seconds). 

Dad decided he would opt for the chocolate nemesis in all of about 3 seconds. It had to be photographed and viewed from a distance, to guard against incoming foreign spoons.

I finished with a trio of homemade ice creams, vanilla, honeycomb and a naughtily rich chocolate. They were intensly creamy and incredibly hard to resist. I tried to savour each spoonful but you know, it's homemade ice cream... I have no self control!
We had a wonderful time at The Plough and if you're ever in the area I highly, highly recommend a visit. Ask what's good and dive in, fork first! Bookings here.
A little reminder too, I know I've been wrapped up in Australia but voting is still open for the Cosmo Blog Awards and I would love if you would vote for me here (I'm category number 8, select Lottie's Little Kitchen and then click to the end and fill in the details). I will be sharing some more food posts very soon! 

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