King's Canyon, Camels and the Crew

Sunday, 28 July 2013

So, it turns out that Australia is incredible. Hidden natural gem after hidden natural gem. Today I want to share my adventures from the third day of my outback tour. As the first two days were exploring sacred Aboriginal lands I am carefully selecting appropriate and respectful pictures to share with you guys, but don't worry I will put up a special post very soon. 
Back to this post and the mind blowing King's Canyon. With a 5am start we were able to watch the sun peak over the rocks and begin to cover everything in light. Utter magic. Also reminiscent of the Lion King, everything the light touches is our kingdom. Yes, I felt like Mufasa and it was awesome. 
The Canyon is relatively young compared to some of its outback counterparts and completely unique in its look with its craggy surface. The rock is incredibly soft so parts have worn and fallen away. Left is a combination of beehive-like domes and sheer flat rock faces. I want to show you everything, I hope I do it justice. 

We began by walking up 'heart attack hill'. Encouraging, right? As expected it was a struggle but we did it in 3 manageable chunks and the view at the top was beyond worth it. I would climb it ten times just to look out on this... 

This picture is only a tiny glimpse of the natural phenomenon that we were treated to. 

We continued to walk down through the rocks that stood alone and together as huge, red guardians. 

We made our way steadily downwards and listened to our guide tell us how the rock is naturally white but as iron oxidises it is stained red. 

Extraordinarily, life is everywhere in this desert looking place. Deep reservoirs of water sustain plant and animal life alike. There is beauty everywhere, whether in the orange stones or delicate wild flowers that blossom between their crevices. 

As we wound downwards, we headed toward the aptly named Garden of Eden. 

A little oasis in the middle of the desert. We were all stunned by its unusual and magnificent beauty. 

  The reflections made me stop in my tracks. 

The lovely Emily and I lagged behind trying to capture as much of this incredible place as possible. It got us in trouble with our guide but who knows if I can ever touch the red rocks of the canyon again or see my reflection in the Garden of Eden.

We caught up again and enjoyed the views and sun on top of the rock. 

From here you could see how the soft rock had cracked and fallen away, leaving smooth (and rather scary) faces of rock. 

A compulsory tourist photo or two and we started to head back down the rocks. Beware, if you have weak knees or ankles you may struggle with this walk. I definitely recommend that you support them as much as you can by wearing the appropriate footwear and that you take your time. I definitely had to have a sit down by the time I was back on level ground! 

As we drove back towards Alice Springs we stopped at a camel farm. Surprisingly Australia has the largest population of wild camels in the world. As we drove through the outback we saw a few small wild groups too.

A combination of quite beautiful... 

And a little... Characterful. 

The camels kindly let us ride them and I can tell you it was quite an experience. Trying to ride a camel like a horse doesn't work. Why? Hump. Makes for a bumpy ride. 

Back in Alice Springs for the night we all showered to banish the camel and camping smell and headed out for dinner together at Annie's Place. 

Meet Emily and Heather. Thank you travelling for exposing me to two funny, wise and awesome women. 

There was pizza, there was cider. There was also a lot of dancing, singing and laughing. 
I part with most of this group now but I have absolutely loved their company. Onto Darwin now. New people, new adventures. 


  1. I loved you post, a real insight, the photos are fantastic! Thank you.

    1. You're welcome! Was so fun to share :) x

  2. Wildflowers! Loved being able to see the life within Kings canyon.x

  3. So beautiful!! seems like a 5am start was worth it =)

    Teffy || Teffys Perks Blog


  4. Wow the canyon looks amazing. Would love to go there someday. I went on a camel a few years ago and it certainly wasn't the most comfortable ride! Glad you're having a lovely time :) xx


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