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Friday, 19 July 2013

I am beginning to get a little nervous. I travel to Australia on Tuesday evening. Am I the only one who thinks that is a little mental?! Surely I can't be. Anyway, the preparations for my trip are well under way and as we speak (or as I type...) I write this post from the iPad I am taking with me - we'll just see how this turns out. I am also set with walking trousers, explorer-type hat and bug repellent. I couldn't get anymore I'm a Celebrity if I tried. I might even eat a witchetty grub whilst I'm out there. Anyway, those are the adventures to come. 
This post is one for sharing my Australia soundtrack so far. 

1. Send Me On My Way // Rusted Root
2. Run Boy Run // Woodkid
3. You're The One That I want // Angus and Julia Stone 
4. I Will Wait // Mumford and Sons 
5. Little Talks // Of Monsters and Men (The Knocks Remix)
6. Beautiful Girls/Stand By Me // Maverick Sabre 
7. La La La // Naughty Boy ft. Sam Smith 
8. Walking On Sunshine // Katrina and the Waves 
9. Another Love // Tom Odell 
10. We Be Burning // Sean Paul 
11. What Would You Do // Bastille 
12. I Love It (I Don't Care) // Icona Pop 
13. Little Bitty Pretty One // Thurston Harris 
14. Graceland // Paul Simon
15. On Top Of The World // Imagine Dragons 

Wiggle yourself over to YouTube and check these head-boppers out. Speaking of YouTube, would you like to see a vlog of my Australia trip? 
If you want to follow my trip on twitter, rock on over there and follow @LDHucks. I'll tweeting with the hashtag #NTAustralia. 
Same story on Instagram, LDHucks again and the same hashtag amongst others. 
Oh my God it's getting real. 


  1. Just returned from Australia's Northern Territory which, judging by your #NTAustralia hashtag is where you're heading. You'll need that bug repellent, they are persistent little blighters up there.
    If you like street food then head to Darwin's Minidil Beach market. It starts at 5:00pm and carries on into the night. Food and arts and crafts are the focus of the market along with entertainment, sunset watching and picnicking.
    For good coffee and even better cake or even a full blown breakfast head to Cornucopia CAfe with it's sea view. It's behind the museum.
    Enjoy your stay; I did.

    1. Hi Gordon. I am indeed off to the Northern Territory. Thanks for the advice, I'll be sure to look out for it all! X


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