Tuna, Pesto and Warm Potato Salad

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Pleasing people with simple recipes is one of my favourite things. Good quality ingredients and easy assembly make for happy cooks and happy eaters. This is what I've learned this week. It was a revelation. My sister can be a fairly picky eater and it's hard to wow her, unless you offer her up a steak with a healthy side of more steak. To my delight, she was completely taken with the following recipe - as was I, but I'm taken with most food as you know. I put her foodie affection down to the simplicity of the dish and the quality of the ingredients. These two components can be so important, especially when you are faced with tentative eaters. Sometimes this gets forgotten, but I want to refresh our busy minds with this recipe.
We managed to bag some tuna steak (yay!) but this recipe can be done with tinned tuna so can be both affordable and luxurious. The potatoes and pesto are familiar, the spinach, tomatoes and french beans are refreshing and the tuna is a wonderful alternative to those tired salad meats, chicken, ham and beef. There is a lot to love here, so shall we cook?

For Tuna, Pesto and Warm Potato Salad you will need (serves 2-3): 

650g new potatoes
4 tsp pesto
3 tablespoons olive oil
8 cherry tomatoes
150g french beans
2 small tuna steaks (can substitute with 175g tinned tuna)
4 handfuls of spinach

Begin by halving the new potatoes and putting into boiling water for 12-15 minutes. 

To make your dressing simply combine your olive oil...

... And your pesto. Hey Pesto! See what I did there... (sorry/not sorry). 

If you are using tuna steak, grill it on both sides for 5-6 minutes, depending on it's thickness, if you want it well done. Then flake and set aside. If using tinned tuna, simply drain, flake and set aside. 

Now quarter your tomatoes.

And halve your french beans. Josie took the beans under her wing. My beautiful assistant. She is actually very beautiful, but prone to pulling that face at me. 

 Add the beans in with the potatoes 3 minutes before the potatoes need to come out.

Drain the potatoes and the beans and tumble into a serving bowl. Add the spinach to let it wilt and stir through. 

Add in the tuna and tomatoes. 

Pour over the dressing and toss all together. 

I want to use the Hey Pesto joke again, but I won't. So I'll simply end on enjoy.


  1. Yummm Lottie! I'm a complete fish addict so this looks delicious and super healthy!
    Summer salads are unbeatable aren't they!?
    Emily xx
    My Ginger Bread Journey

    1. Hello Emily :) They are the best! I'm a fish lover too, so this was just heaven! xx

  2. Just tried this recipe this evening. It's been super hot where I live and this was just perfect. Congratulations on the Cosmo blog nomination!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thank you very much! x


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