Saturday Night Fever

Saturday, 25 May 2013

The second year of university is kind of crazy. I finish next Friday and I'm feeling a little mental right now as I'm swimming in essays. I'm on a steady diet of Galaxy Counters and Algernon Swinburne knowledge - not sounding too jolly, right...? I am managing to fit in some proper meals here and there and my favourites for exam period is this kidney bean curry and this brainy spinach and mackerel rice. Remember to keep eating guys, keeps the ol' brain box in gear.
Sometimes though, when your brain is feeling like a wrung sponge you need something that is chocolately, gooey and ridiculous. Al and I came up with brownies with little debate. I'm not going to share our method with you as it involved a lot of mess and a lot of chocolate taste testing along the way, naturally. But the pictures of our adventures are pretty entertaining and might just cheer you up if you're stuck inside with your revision like us. 

We got cookin'.

We adapted a naughty recipe of The Londoner's with a hella lot of chocolate.

Did I mention the malteasers? 

Yeah, we take our brownies seriously. 

Al also takes licking the bowl pretty seriously. You should know, her nickname is Bruce. We dropped the Bogtrotter.


A chocolately joker. 

Hey Al, you've got something on your face...

Al felt a little lonely with her chocolately face so gave me some brownie warrior stripes.

Perfect remedy for a frazzled brain. 

Ok, so we're still a little bonkers...

Oh and the brownies? They turned out just wonderfully. Definitely recommend and licking the bowl is compulsory. Just ask Al. 

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