Pear and Chocolate Brownies

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Hello foodie people!
It's been a while, I know. But I'm coming back with a corker for you. I know the picture above can speak for itself but I'll give a bit of context.
I was inspired by Poires au Chocolat's Pear and Chocolate Loaf. Unfortunately for me, I don't have a loaf tin but I did have my lovely Poires inspiration, and I had a hankering for the combination of pear and chocolate. If you haven't come across it before, you definitely need to give it a go. Bottom line of this story is, I wanted the chocolate and pears combo and I needed brownies. I mean, who doesn't?
These babies are soft, moist and strong enough to hold their shape. This means they are perfect for packed lunch snacking. Actually, any kind of snacking.
I spent my time baking these babies and pretending I was part of this awesome acapella group:

I know that video is completely unrelated to brownies, but I love it. And needed to share as have already told all of my housemates about it.
So next weekend, brownie and acapella get together? Anyone...?


For Pear and Chocolate Brownies you will need: 

175g unsalted butter
300g light brown soft sugar
100g dark chocolate 
100g milk chocolate
3 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 pears
100g self-raising flour
25g cocoa powder
1 teaspoon baking powder

Preheat your oven to 180c and line a brownie tin with greaseproof paper.
Begin by breaking up all of your dark chocolate and half of the milk chocolate

Add to a heatproof bowl with the sugar and butter and melt together over a pan of simmering water. You can do this in the microwave, but I like it on the stove so I can keep my eye on it/perform regular taste tests. 

Now beat your eggs together and add in the vanilla essence. Set this to one side for now.

Roughly chop the other half of your milk chocolate, put to one side.

Peel, core and chop up your pears.

Set them aside too.

Now measure out your dry ingredients. So thats the flour, baking powder

... and cocoa powder.

And add all of these to your melted chocolatey mixture. Thats everything you've got on the side too. Pears, chocolate, eggs, dry ingredients - the lot. 

Stir well until you have a thick glutinous mixture good enough to swim in.
I reckon if we all chipped in and made a batch we could fill a bath with this stuff. Thats an afternoon of fun at least, right.

Pour into your prepared brownie tin.
Chocolate angels sing.

Smooth out and then bake for 20 - 35 minutes, depending on how you like your brownie consistency. For a firm but still moist in the middle brownie go for about 27 minutes.

Slice it.

Stack it.

Serve with milk and share (optional).


  1. Pear and chocolate brownies!! Why didn't I think of that. They look absolutely lovely.

    And I greatly enjoyed the acapella video.

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