Berlin - Day 4

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Here is the last instalment of my travels in Berlin. After packing so much into the last three days, and especially so much history, we decided we needed to spend our final day just breathing in Berlin. There is no better place to do this than the vast Tiergarten. This is where all the greenery is hiding (although in the chilly weather I visited there was less green, more earthy tones). Unlike London, New York and Paris, the inner parts of Berlin is distinctly unwooded. The Tiergarten makes up for this as there are stretches of huge wooded areas with towering trees. Rivers flow through the Tiergarten and in parts, it is frozen - as you can see above.
We strolled through, passing dog walkers, runners and tourists alike. It was quite peaceful.

We were both pretty jolly to be out in the open air. As you can see.

The birds are incredibly friendly.
This little guy was my favourite. I felt like singing Beauty and the Beast style.
Oh I'm such a 90's kid...

We wandered through the Tiergarten making our way along to Lichtensteinallee with a specific place in mind. Cafe am Neuen See.
Don't be fooled by the exterior.

It is one of the loveliest cafes I have ever set foot in. Huge windows fill the whole place with natural light. The floors are either wood panelled or stone and the furniture is a combination of whitewashed wood and big squishy chairs. There is a feeling of comfort, warmth and an oasis in the city.

The whole place is warmed by wood burners. Every corner has its own authentic little power house kept well stocked with wood by the polite, and very attractive staff. 

We sat down for a mid morning latte...

... and a cappuccino.

Oh, and here comes the cake. It's rude to say no to Kaffee und Kuchen in Berlin!
Mum went for a blueberries and cream creation.

Whilst I plumped for the apple and almond tart.
Oh my God, were they good! Sweet, delicious and filling.
It was delightful to eat, talk, people watch and look out onto the huge frozen river and towering trees. I've never been anywhere like it. It felt like a real hidden gem.

Whilst we stopped by for coffee and cake I have it on Victoria Sponge Pease Pudding's good authority that their pizza is pretty darn good too. Walking past the glass fronted kitchen, there wasn't a thing I wouldn't have. I'd return to Berlin just to try the dinner menu. I can imagine it also makes the perfect summer hang out with strings of lights running through the trees and the open river right in front of you.
It's quite a blissful place.

My crazy hair and I can't recommend Berlin enough. I had the most wonderful and interesting time. You cannot be bored in this city. 
I'm back to food next and I have a feeling I'm going to need something brownie-like after all of this travelling. I'm hungry...  

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