Berlin - Day 3

Monday, 15 April 2013

Today I've got a three foodie reviews for you and a big, important part of history.
We'll start with some food, cause y'know, that's where I normally begin.
I had breakfast in Cafe Einstein, recommended by delicious. magazine and conveniently opposite Checkpoint Charlie. I opted for a window to people watch the disney-fied Checkpoint Charlie. There are all sorts of tourists and locals alike milling around this area and it's quite fun to guess where they're all from. Einstein's interior is warm and the building has some interesting history, considering its position. Our tour guide of the day before informed us that it was the meeting place of spies and now features in films concerning that particular era.

I wasn't there to spy though. I was there to eat the 'Einstein Breakfast'.
I began with a milky (and flirty) latte and a croissant before the main event came out of the kitchen.

You will not need lunch if you plump for an Einstein breakfast.
My plate was heavy with meats, cheeses, salad, a soft boiled egg, french bread and a loaf of wholegrain bread.
The wholegrain loaf was smuggled into my rucksack. I simply could not manage it all!

I enjoyed making my own flavour combinations. On this plate, the possibilities are endless!

Oh my it was a lot of food. Beware, if you're not a fan of meats and cheeses this isn't for you. Do not expect a full english, because that's not how it's done at Einstein. If you're a fan of a big plate of cheese, meat and baskets of bread to eat it on, then get yourself there sharpish.
With bellies full to burst we made our way to Sachsenhausen concentration camp, a 40 minute train ride from Berlin.
There is no way you can visit this part of the country and not visit the Sachsenhausen site. Whatever your religious, political or historical stance this is a massive part of history and all who are able to access the site, should.

I would recommend the audio tour. It's informative and extensive.

The buildings of Sachsenhausen are surprisingly modern. Almost too familiar.

It is hard to imagine that they housed such horrors.

Sachsenhausen is quiet, understated and respectful.
I strongly urge a visit if you ever find yourself in the area.

Once we had journeyed back into the heart of Berlin, we decided we needed to spend our evening with some lighter activities. We headed over to Wittenbergplatz for some foodie fun. I'd read that Witty's was a favourite for organic currywurst and I was desperate to try some of this famous German street food.

We ordered currywurst with chips and ketchup. It's all prepared right in front of you and the people watching in this spot is the best. We met a few locals, a few tourists and then got down to the main event...

Caution: chips straight out of the fryer are hot.

Tasty, though.

Mum said I looked like a student. Translate: scruffy.
I can confirm that the scruffy and smart alike enjoy currywurst.

Currywurst is hot, tasty and surprisingly filling. It's pretty cheery streetfood. As you can tell.
I would definitely recommend Witty's. There are currywurst vendors all over Berlin so having some idea of which one to choose is very helpful. We chose Witty's for its location and most importantly for my mum, it's organic.

We wandered around Wittenbergplatz for a while. There are loads of shops and you can find Berlin's KaDeWe just opposite Witty's. It's a bit like Selfridges and you can easily spend time browsing and spending.
On our way home we passed a huge book shop, Dussman das KulturKaufhaus, that looked pretty lively for a friday night. We popped in for a look around and stumbled upon Patrick Blanc's Vertical Garden. If you're green fingered like my Mum, you can read her full write up on this impressive wall, here.
We settled down with gin and tonics and admired the impressive feat that was hiding at the back of a bookshop.

I hope this picture gives some perspective. Still doesn't do it justice though!

The bar/cafe, Origin, that we drank in was lovely. Like everything else in Berlin, it's very clean and very neat. Origin also had an incredibly relaxed atmosphere. The site of the wall coupled with the sound of water droplets falling from a height was almost soporific.
But then again, that may've been then gin...

We finished our night browsing the English bookshop with several others!
That evening Berlin was very chilled and almost luxurious. I can't image a similar evening anywhere else.

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