Berlin - Day 1

Monday, 8 April 2013

We haven't spoken in a while as I've been AFK, thanks for that one Sheldon. I have been walking the streets of Berlin with my Mum, taking in the culture, eating the food and wearing as many layers as possible - spring didn't visit Germany this year either. The weather wasn't a problem, though. Berlin is a fantastically interesting city and no warmth is needed to enjoy the sites it has to offer.
I was only there for a short time but I have gathered a few adventures to share with you. The first of which mainly centres around the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie and The Topography of Terrors. I've got a real historical one for you today, guys.
The photos of this blog are taken on my little iPhone, a handheld canon and a chunky canon SLR.
Heathrow looked particularly cheery the morning we left and the flight to Berlin is an easy hour and a half. I passed the time reading delicious. magazine - last months issue had a handy '48 hours in Berlin' feature, and bopping along to Macklemore's Thrift Shop. Can't get enough.

Once we arrived we started to explore the city. The architecture is strange as most of it is very young but there is a general sense of order, cleanliness and open space, which is quite refreshing.
Whilst the city is scarred and littered with tributes to its history there are still elements of romance and beauty. Some are as small as the padlocks that adorn the bridges of the city, with couples initials engraved into them.
Seems I'm a sucker for a bit of romance.

We walked to Checkpoint Charlie down Friedrichstra├če, a street well worth a wander down as it homes  both an array of shops and various churches, museums and is one of Berlin's main streets.

Checkpoint Charlie is an essential stop in Berlin. The outdoor exhibition is free and absolutely packed with information.

Parts of the wall still stand sentinel at the exhibition. It is a strange feeling to stand next to a part of history, but one that is also quite incredible too.

On the other side of Friedrichstra├če there is a collection of Berlin Wall art.

These pieces of Berlin Wall art, and particularly the ones above, were one of my favourite things about the visit. The creativity of the people rebuilding the culture of Berlin amaze me. The graffiti that colours the streets is unlike anything I've seen. It is worlds away from the buildings of London that stand untouched and untarnished by the colours of its inhabitants.

After checking out the graffiti towards the Jewish Museum, we walked down to a stretch of the wall that still stands in front of the free museum, Topography of Terrors. The glass front looks out onto the old wall that once divided the city. The juxtaposition is thoughtful, as are the contents of the museum.

After taking in our fill of information, we examined the wall and let it speak for itself.
The echo of the division remains along with the ruins.

We finished our day walking beneath the Brandenburg Gate and enjoying the city that has so much history woven into the fabric of its culture.

I'll have more on Berlin tomorrow, and there will be a little foodie adventure too. You know I can't resist!

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