Triple Lemon Cupcakes

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

For me, Easter is even more of a food holiday than Christmas is. It's a weekend heavy with spices, packed with roasted meats and a little chocolate might feature here and there. Maybe. 
It's always satisfying to bake around easter - and luckily if you're a student you have access to your Mum's store cupboard and equipment. But, if you can't be arsed with hot crossed buns and simmnel cake can just go and do one, I have just the thing for you. Triple Lemon Cupcakes. Yep, these are gonna be easy peasy lemon squeezey (sorry, couldn't resist). 
As much as I love to watch Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry lark about in the Great British Bake Off kitchen (anyone else see it on tuesday?) I'm not quite ready for the traditional Easter baking they recommend. I wanted something lighter, zingier and maybe a little easier - well there are easter eggs to get through! 
With all this in mind, I arrived naturally at lemons. They tick all of my boxes and they offer a lovely, yellow easter colour. Hurrah! They are also quite the show-stopper, in appearance and taste. 

For Triple Lemon Cupcakes you will need (makes 12):

125g caster sugar
125g butter 
1 lemon
2 eggs
125g self raising flour

For double lemon topping:
1 lemon
3 tbsp caster sugar
180g icing sugar 

Begin by preheating the oven to 180c and lining a cupcake tin with 12 cases.
Now zest one of your lemons. 

Add this to a large mixing bowl along with the sugar and butter.

Beat together.

Now separately beat the two eggs and add to the mixture. Beat again.

Gradually sift in the flour and keep beating continuously.

Beating theme going on here, isn't there.

Now juice the lemon you zested earlier.

Pour into the cake mixture and stir though until incorporated.

Transfer the mixture into cupcake cases. You should get about 12 cakes from this mixture.
Bake for 18-20 minutes until risen and golden brown.

Now lets make lemon sugar. Very easy, and sounds kinda fancy.
Zest your other lemon and combine with 3 tablespoons of sugar. Grind together. I did this with a spoon on a plate but a pestle and mortar would work very well too.

For the lemon icing, juice the lemon you zested for the sugar and combine it with your icing sugar. Stir well until smooth. If you feel the consistency is still a little stiff add a tiny dash of water.

Leave the little cakes to cool off before you start decorating.

Then spoon a tablespoon of icing on each.

Sprinkle over a little lemon sugar and leave to set completely for about 20 minutes.

Stack, serve and instagram.

Try not to eat all of these tangy little delights alone in one sitting, as it's Easter we have to share.

Happy Easter!

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