Lean Green Speedy Soup.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

I have this theory.
If I eat really, really well before Christmas, I won't put on weight from the tins of Quality Street I steal away into my room and eat. Alone.
It's not a watertight theory, but I'm going to go with it. And if it doesn't work, at least I've eaten well and haven't feasted of pie every day, as much as I'd like to.
So I've befriended this simple little recipe that's easy on the wallet and the waist.

You will need to serve 2:
4 spring onions
1 potato
500ml vegetable stock
140g spinach, watercress and rocket

Begin by chopping the onions.

Fry them lightly in a tablespoon of preheated olive oil until soft. 

Peel and chop your potato and add it in to the pan with your onions. Cook gently for 2 minutes.

Pour in 500mls of vegetable stock and simmer until the potato is tender.

Add in all of your salad leaves, one handful at a time. They will wilt down almost instantly so don't be alarmed by how much you seem to start off with. 

Simmer the leaves for a minute and then transfer to a blender. 

Ready, steady...

BLEND! Whizz the green goodness up together until the soup is a smooth, consistent shade of green.

That is a healthy, healthy green. Crack in pepper and a little salt to taste. 

The soup is surprisingly thick, so banish any fears that it will be Charlie and the Chocolate Factory cabbage soup esque!
Still can't get over how green it is. Simply gorgeous! 

Serve with a crust of bread and a little cream if you're feeling decorative.
See, that only took about 20 minutes and I bet you'll feel healthy as a horse when you've finished it all up. 
I hope you enjoy eating salad - winter style.
Guaranteed smugness.

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