Saturday, 29 December 2012

Ok, so I said we'd have a catch up on the 26th but everything just runs over at Christmas, doesn't it?
Anyway, as promised I am now here and ready to debrief! I hope you all enjoyed the festive period and ate loads, I did.
I also took a tonne of photos. My iPhone is my new best friend for snapping everything up so here is a selection from my Instagram December.

A pair of very photogenic chillies that my Mum was drying out.

Experiment with frames and Christmas coffee. Verdict: like both. Salted Caramel latte now holds a particularly special place in my heart.

Home for Christmas! Lovely misty walks with my pup, Archie. He doesn't pose as much as my cat, but is still a very handsome boy indeed.

Caption competition photo. I think he's being told off...

Regent Street. Can't resist the beautiful London lights over Christmas. Or the opportunity to stroll through Selfridges and pretend I'm buying everything.

Omelette experiments. A recipe will be coming your way soon. I have a feeling it is going to be a feel good January staple!

Spare ingredients = imaginative homemade christmas or birthday presents. Blanched Almonds drizzled in three shades of chocolate. Wrap in cellophane, attach a ribbon and write a label with love.

Rather jolly wreath decorating my front door. Adorned by my Mum, mounted by my Dad. Teamwork.

There is my posey little kitten. And me. Posing too, I know. Guilty, guilty...

My sister and I in chunky knits. Hanging around the kitchen with the animals, waiting for leftovers.

HAM. No more to be said. 
Oh my God, look at it.

Caught Archie posing! "I'm a hound dog arooroooooroooo!"

Shameless selfie from yesterday. Wedding attire, dress from Phase 8 - it's a new favourite. Gorgeous affair with lovely people. Today I do not look like that at all. In PJs watching Harry Potter. No photo of that I'm afraid. It's for your own good.

And that's my little December collection.
I expect I'll squeeze a few more in before New Year.
I'll also try and get a naughty recipe to you before the clock strikes 12 and we all start the New Year detox. Keep an eye out.

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