My Grandma's Soup

Monday, 5 November 2012

Apparently we can't all live of chocolate chip muffins. Disappointing I know.
But I've found an acceptable answer. Well, my Grandma gave me one and told me to eat more vegetables.
Soup. My Grandma's secret soup recipe, packed with goodness and love. I wasn't going to share it with anyone, but as it's you guys - I'll spill.

This recipe is a real warmer and fills you right up. It's also cheap as chips. Win, win, win.
For My Grandma's Soup you will need:
1x courgette
1x leek
2x large carrots. Or three smaller ones
1x tin of tomatoes
1x vegetable stock cube
Salt and pepper to taste

I've also used my Mum's home grown courgettes. If you can get your hands on an allotment find, lucky you!

Begin by chopping up your vegetables. They can be fairly chunky, so be as rough as you like - without slicing off a finger. 

Glowing healthiness. 

Whack them into a large pot and crumble in your stock cube.

Cover the vegetables with water

And add the tomatoes and mix through.

Leave to bubble away. 

Once the vegetables are soft transfer to a blender, or use one of those handy stick blenders that I hear you can get on the cheap in Aldi, if you're looking.

If you don't have a blender to hand, then you might be wise to send this link home. Who knows, a batch of soup that would see you through to January might just turn up in your next parcel...

Whizz up until smooth. Chuckle at George Foreman photo-bombing in the background. 

If you like your soup souper (see what I did there) thick, then simmer it for a while until you're happy with the consistency.
I've served mine with some freshly baked bread and the ladle ready for second helpings!

This bad boy freezes beautifully so whack any leftover in some tupperware and put in the freezer for a rainy/frantic essay writing day when you need something quick and comforting.
Who knew there was more to life than Heinz, hey?
L. xxxxx

PS: For all you frugal students like me, this warms you up so much you won't have to put the heating on. More money to spend on courgettes! Hurrah! 


  1. How many people does this serve Lottie and how long would you cook the veg for before blending? :) x

    1. Hi Liv :)
      This recipe serves about four.
      Only 20 mins or so for the veg, super speedy.
      Hope you enjoy doll :) xxx


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