I haven't forgotten you!

Friday, 30 November 2012

I'm sorry for neglecting you, but it isn't entirely my fault.
I'm struggling with my picture quota on Blogger. Some technical thing that I'm trying to get to the bottom of, but struggling with.
So I didn't want to share any recipes until I can do the post justice and shower you guys in pictures!
Anyway, I didn't want to stay silent so I've decided to blog a couple low resolution Instagram photos that make me smile and hopefully will have the same effect on you!

True pigeon love. The more romantic stage of pigeon copulation...

My sister and I on a beach. Josie: cool, myself: sailor.

The boys last year during freshers. Stumbled across this gem the other night. What a corker.

On a boat in the middle of Garda. Loving every single moment!

Hopefully I'll get my blogging back on the road soon, but will keep posting my Insta-adventures in the mean time.
If you fancy following me on Instagram, I'm marauding under the name of ldhucks
L. xxxxx 

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