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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Sometimes there is only so much one person can blog about. And with me, it's normally food related. This does mean that I don't get to share much of my life with you, outside the kitchen. And you must think I set up camp right next to the oven! 
This saddens me a bit, and I feel it's about time to share.
So here are some of the things I've done recently, that get lost in my usual food blogging frenzy.

Al and I pouted. This happens a lot. 

Jack performed a DIY hair cut. Went to the hairdressers after to rectify. 

We went to Alton Towers, got very wet and discovered the secret gardens! 

Wild flowers struck the most wonderful poses. 

Went to the seaside with my family. Began to see an increasing likeness between my Dad and I... 

Played around with my raggedy little cat. Slave to the camera, as always. 

Got sucked in by the cherry punnets every time I went to the market. 

 Did a little scribbling.

Popped to London for a day or two. 

Devoured a gorgeous little Oreo cupcake from Selfridges food court. Took no time at all. 

Went to the final day of the Paralympic athletics with my wonderful, crazy family. We take inventive pictures.

Took a trip to the Butterfly Farm in Stratford-upon-Avon. Very interesting, but I advise you do not wear layers if you ever plan to visit. 

We got dressed up and went to a Christening.

I made bread. I made a lot of bread. 

My friend Chad came back from London, she became more gorgeous and hilarious over the summer. 

 Freshers began. Some shapes were thrown. Some serious, serious shapes.

Frank and Al finally moved in to our little home and we all started second year. I have the most beautiful housemates.

And that's all I've got for now. My iPhoto and I feel better for sharing. What are your favourite photos from the past few months? Any that make you smile?
L. xxxx

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