Owlin' about.

Friday, 7 September 2012

It may interest you to know, I have other leisure pursuits outside of the kitchen. One of these interests is in animals. I've always loved them, when I was growing up my nickname was 'Veterinary', but pronounced more like 'Vetnree' with a farmery twang. I spent my weekends pond dipping and adopted strays left right and centre. So I was a right animal geek.

I've had to refine my animal lovin' since going to university as I'm no longer near a pond and my student accommodation operates a no-pet policy (heartbreaking, I know). BUT this summer my animal fix didn't go unfulfilled, courtesy of my Mum and Shuttleworth's Bird of Prey Centre.  

We went on an "Owl Experience". Sounds a little random I know, but I love owls. I've got owl socks, owl jewellery, owl clothing and pipe dreams of one day having an owl that delivers my post.
So yeah, I'm a fan...

To begin with, we flew the owls. This is Dougie, sportingly modelled by my Mum. Nice job, Mum.   

Classic barn owl in flight shot.

We flew the owls for about an hour and then went on to handling. 

This little chap fell asleep on my arm. Twice. I'll forgive him though because he's absolutely gorgeous. 

In situ owl handling shot. Posed and appropriate for a profile picture.

This gorgeous little Tawney was my favourite. She was beautiful, and a little bit of a poser. I couldn't help having a soft spot for her.

We also held this fella, an eagle owl, who was pretty big. I haven't got a picture to share with the world because both Mum and I both look alarmingly alert/scared. But to be fair, look at those eyes, they're intimidating!  

I think this owl looks like he's wearing a cloak. He was one of our favourites.

We had a hoot!
More food next.
L. xxxxx


  1. Thanks for sharing these great pictures.


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