My Sister's a Grownup.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

This week, my sister turns 21. We celebrated early because she's in Paris for her birthday, pretty jammy, right? My Mum gathered up the troops and we got ourselves down to Bar Azita. Trip Advisor review here, highly recommended. 

Josie. 21 year old. Grown up. Scary. Looks lovely though doesn't she. 

The boys, browsing the menu. They didn't fair well with the constant presence of the camera as the day went on. Non-relatives often find this on days out with the Shutterbugs.

Looking like I'm having the time of my life sitting next to the open kitchen. Smelt great and the chef kindly posed for a photo, see background.

Josie and the reason she made it to 21. Our Mum.

Now, food. Bar Azita is Mediterranean/Spanish/Greek. Wonderful combinations of flavour. Platters were passed out to the kitchen piled with lamb, marinated chicken and delicious spiced sausages. The table was topped with baskets of hot, griddle pitta breads that billowed steam when torn to pieces. I hope I'm painting the picture well. If not, check this out...

Skewers were heavy with swordfish and bowls of chutney and marinades were handed around for dipping breads in. Or just fingers. It's exciting to eat tender, smokey meats straight off a charcoal grill, close your eyes and pretend you're somewhere hot. Mm, some damn good food.
Food, drink and merriment. 

So we ate, we laughed and sang happy birthday. Then headed back to my family home. I'd made cake. Any excuse, and what's a better one than a 21st birthday?!
My boyfriend thinks if I added a tier or four more it would look like a Dalek. He's requested a Dalek cake for his 21st, so stay tuned readers if you're interested.

If you want to make this one, just follow my regular cake recipe here, add two extra tiers, cover it in butter icing and then add buttons in whatever pattern tickles your pickle. It's so easy you may as well make one to celebrate it being a Sunday.   

We toasted Josie with three, yes three, bottles of champagne, my Dad made a speech and we sang happy birthday. Again. It was delightful and all were tickled pink.
For those who have met me, or my Mum, they will be aware that any event warrants a serious amount of photo taking. We set our cameras to self timer and continuous capture. Managed to get some right gems, but I've selected a nice few to share. 

Me, Josie, Calvin. Sisters and cousin in situ.

Calvin, Grandad Brian and Uncle Craig. Spot the difference.

Josie and Lauren looking rather lovely. You'll notice that Lauren is quite a bit shorter than the rest of us. She isn't related.

Not posed. What's going on here?

Some of the family. It's intimidating for outsiders to meet all of us at once. We're a big crew in height and numbers. Well done existing boyfriends, girlfriends and others.

So I've shared a family photo album with you today. Hope you've enjoyed it. More food close ups next. I feel like making something naughty...
Maybe another chocolatey something for Josie, for when she returns home from Paris. 
L. xxxx

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