Summer Smoothies.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

This is one of my favourite recipes ever. I know I've called it summer smoothies but you can make these bad boys at any time of the year, just substitute in seasonal fruit. 
Sorry about the pictures being a little dark, I had a late night craving!

For a summery smoothie you will need: 
8 tablespoons natural yoghurt.
2 handfuls of raspberries
1 banana
1 tablespoon of honey
A sprinkling of brown sugar to serve.

Begin by spooning the yoghurt into a blender. Chuck in the raspberries.

Break up the banana and whack that in too. Feel free to use frozen fruit for a thicker, and icier smoothie.

Drizzle in a tablespoon of honey. Try to use this rather than sugar for a naturally sweeter taste.

Whizz up. Whizz, whizz, whizz for about 15 seconds.

Make sure the smoothie is smooth. Clue was really in the name on that one wasn't it...

Pour into a glass and sprinkle on a little brown sugar for decoration.

Drink up and enjoy. This tastes so good and is still great for you. Win.

Until next time, fellow smooth operators.
L. xxxxx

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