Ed's Easy Diner, London

Thursday, 23 August 2012

I love London. I would happily spend all of my time there. Unfortunately, this isn't possible. For one, I live in the Midlands, and secondly the train is expensive. Very expensive.

Anyway, moan over. So I was in London and loving the bustle and of course, all the foodie sights. I peered into all of the bakeries, browsed the fruit markets and ran around Selfridges food court wishing I could buy it all. But as we know I'm not quite the Selfridges shopper, I'm more of a yellow dot gal. My student kitchen doesn't really work on a Selfridges budget.

But students and budgeteers everywhere, do not fear. Student dining in London is possible, and it doesn't come at the cost of taste - or food poisoning! Just off Oxford street, five minutes from Selfridges, opposite Debenhams is Ed's Easy Diner.  

It's a little gem, nestled down a side street lined with Boris Bikes and business men and women rushing about looking important. We managed to bag a window seat and if you get a chance to go, I recommend you do the same. As the diner is just off Oxford Street the road is always busy and it offers people watching at its prime.  

Jukeboxes sit on every wall and Elvis hip wiggling classics play in the background. As you make yourself comfortable on the red leather, you fall in love with the place almost instantly!  

I was excited, as I always am, at the opportunity to take photos and eat food. And take photos of eating food. It's just how I roll. 

We went for Chicken Dippers with chilli jam and BBQ sauce (how could we not?)...

The Cheese or Cheese Burger with American cheese. Again, it's really a must. 

A practically compulsory side of chips and bottomless cokes with colourful straws. 


I have high burger expectations and this one ticked every box. A bun that held it's integrity, crisp salad, and of course a pink in the middle bit of beef. Deeeeeeeelish. 

Ed's Easy Diner was a brilliant meal out and the bill came to just over £20 for the pair of us. And we were so stuffed we didn't even finish the chips. I'm ashamed to admit that on the internet but I feel Ed's ability to fill up students shouldn't be skimped on, just to save my pride.  

I really hope you get a chance to go, and if you're not near London then check out their website here, they have diners all over the UK and they're going international soon!
And if you don't fancy a trip out then make your own burgers by following my monster burger recipe here.
L. xxxxx

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