Broad Bean and Spinach Salad

Friday, 3 August 2012

So it's Friday, the working week is coming to a close and so is the age of sexy salad on Lottie's Little Kitchen. These weekday minxes have been so much fun and brilliant workday lunches. I work Saturday and Sunday too but when you have to work at the weekend, it's alright to give into chocolate to get you by - of course this isn't my recommendation but we all have weaknesses. Anyyyyyway. Today's salad is broad bean and spinach. It's as tasty as it appropriate for providing camouflage for the plate it will be served on. See practically army like. 

For my camouflage/broad bean salad you will need:
200g Couscous
300g Frozen broad beans
125g Spinach leaves
85g Black olives
200g Feta cheese
Few sprigs of fresh mint

For the dressing:
1 Lemon. Ok it's not really a dressing but you will squeeze it over the top. 

If you keep a little veg patch this one might be especially good for you. The beans, spinach and mint are all easy to grow, as mine are by my Mum. Thanks Mum.

Begin my measuring out your couscous and follow the instructions on the pack to prepare it.

If your bought your broad beans, cook them by their packet's instruction. If they are homegrown, boil them for a maximum of five minutes. Don't over boil, you don't want mush. 

Drain your beans and cool down with cold water. Shell your beans so you are left with the little emerald gems in the middle. This is a bit tedious, but the taste and texture of the shelled beans is worth it. 

Now wilt your spinach. Simply rinse with cold water and then pour over boiling water. Wilting is especially good in this salad if you're not using baby spinach. It ensures the leaves aren't tough but blend beautifully with the other ingredients. Hurrah! 

Your couscous should be done now. Take to it with a fork if it's clumpy and give it a good stir up. Then add in the beans and spinach. 

Now chop up your mint. Enjoy the smell!

Add to the mix along with your black olives.

Crumble in your feta and mix together. Then squeeze over the easiest dressing ever. Otherwise known as one lemon.

Enjoy as a dinner, lunch and if you're really enthusiastic about it, have it for breakfast too. 

It is scrumptious.
I hope you've enjoyed sexy salad week, I have. Chocolate cupboard has felt neglected (yes, I may have a whole cupboard dedicated to the stuff) but it's been nice not the sob alone in the dark whilst I consume vast amounts of chocolate. Joking, I don't do that...
Enjoy the recipes readers, and remember to keep voting for Lottie's Little Kitchen as best food blogger 2012 here!
L. xxxx 

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