The Big I.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

I know I said I would do more food blogs and less travel, but today I have had a day of facing annoyances in my student house (including a life threatening set of hobs) and I quite wish I was back in Italy. 
I'm going to keep a foodie theme, don't worry. But just pretend I'm back in the 40c heat, enjoying the views and having wonderful Italian food whipped up for me. 

How could you not love this...

So there I was, in Florence. It was a scorcher of a day and I was walking along the river towards the Ponte Vecchio. Sigh, how cultured do I sound?! And now I'm trying to avoid death by the oven. Anyway, finish reminiscing and keep typing! So there I was, hot HOT day. Perfect for the big Italian I... That sounds rude, it's not a strapping waiter called Ian.

It's Ice cream (sorry to disappoint for those hoping for Ian). But more specifically, Crushed Cookies Italian Ice Cream. My God. If heaven was a dairy product in a cone, I would have found it on earth on that sweltering day in Florence. It was the best. 

Very lucky to capture a shot of the actual consumption. I made short work of it. 

Looking quite brown there. This is a rare thing for me.

It's hard to describe Italian ice cream. It is just so much better than most other nations attempts. I'd like to say it just melts in the mouth, but that description is a pretty obvious one. I guess you're just going to have to make a trip to Italy and eat a bucket load of ice cream yourself if I can't describe it effectively. What else can you do really? Only option left. 

So I managed to tick of all of the big Italian food and drink players, pizza, pasta, wine and of course a couple ice creams. Ok, I said a couple, I mean a few. OK! I had several! But they is nothing like them in England so I had to stock up whilst I could. Quite logical really.

Back to cooking tomorrow. Managed to make some delights today before the hobs turned on me. I'll share tomorrow. It is a family recipe worth tuning in for!

L. xxx


  1. Florence looks really does the icecream!

  2. I'd really recommend it if you haven't been! As for the ice cream, grab as much as you can! xx


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