Slutty Toast.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Ok, so you may be wondering (and rightly) how toast can be slutty. Well, let me tell you. A couple of weeks ago I flew to Italy and was a little peckish before my flight. I was queuing up at a generic breakfast bar and that's when I saw it. Nutella and Banana toastie. Just sitting there innocently. I thought this is probably one of the best things between sliced bread, I must try. I did. And my word, this toastie is no innocent one. And so so easy to make. See, slutty toast.
As soon as returned form Italy I grabbed myself a loaf of bread, jar of Nutella and a banana. I'm not at all ashamed to say readers, I gorged myself. My Mum found me half way through consumption and snaffled TWO bites. I suggest if you are going to have one of these little devils, eat in private. Learn from my public consumption. This is too good to share.

For a Nutella and Banana toastie you will need:
Two slices of bread (brown preferably)
1 Banana
2x slathers of Nutella
You'll also need some kind of grill, I always use my one true love, George Foreman.

To begin you'll need to smear Nutella all over your bread. Preliminary Nutella taste test is most likely to be essential at this point.

Chop up enough banana to cover one piece of bread. Make sure it's a generous covering. Loads of banana = loads of nom nom nom. Technical term for you there. 

If you have any left over banana it is practically a crime not to smother it in Nutella and eat immediately. Eat it.

Whilst you're using up your left over ingredients (being economical, very good of you) put your toastie into a grill. It will only need about 3-4 minutes.  

You'll know it's done when the Nutella is gooey and the bananas are practically melting.

Take out of the grill, slice into triangles and eat. Alone. 

Oh my God, my mouth is watering. Where's my George Foreman?! I need another one!

Try to savour it, it will be gone before you know it. Especially if you're Mum finds you and insists she just has to know what it's like.

Try to only have these when you're going to the gym, or it's a special occassion, or just when it's a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday...
Enjoy readers! I apologise in advance for your increased Nutella and Banana consumption.
L. xxxxxx

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