Italy. And Pizza.

Friday, 13 July 2012

My life is a mess of packing, unpacking and trying to frantically finish The Hunger Games trilogy. A series of books I highly recommend by the way. I couldn't put the first two down whilst I was away, frustratingly I left the third one at home and hungered (hahaha...) to get home and read it. Anyway, I'm supposed to be blogging about my time spent in Italy. As I'm in a packing frenzy (moving into a new student house tomorrow, new little kitchen - yay!) I don't have much time to give you the ins and outs, but will give you a little taste. An introduction to Italy if you will.

My Mum has this knack of being able to route out the restaurants where all the locals eat. As a result, we tend to eat the best and most authentic food at a slighter cost. I would lend her local restaurant tracker skills to you, but I think she is already busy planning our next holiday. And to be honest, I'm not too keen to share the talent.

So, whilst soaking up the sun shining over Lake Garda we stopped for lunch (a restaurant sniffed out by said Mum-tracker) and I thought it essential to go back to Italian basics. Pizza. Pizza. Pizzzzzza! Man I love pizza.
I had a little (huge) darling called La Fresca AND had a side of rosemary potatoes. I know, that really is a meal for four, but when in Italy, don't share food. Joey had is right all along.

My La Fresca delight was topped with wonderful soft and gooey cheese, sweet cherry tomatoes, cured ham and fiery rocket. I finished it all.

I absolutely love Italian food. The dough is stretched thin and it doesn't feel like you're consuming an army of calories. Win win win win win.

I'm sorry this installment was really just one of me being a glutton, but it's practically a must to consume at least seven pizzas when you visit Italy. If you are just going for a weekend, get cracking as soon as you touch down.

More Italian adventures later, I'll try to do something other than dribble next time.

L. xxxxxx

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