The Colours of Italy.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

If you're a regular reader of my blog you'll know that I like to talk about food. Quite a lot really. And as much as I love food, I have recently been to an incredible place that believe it or not, is incredible beyond food. Italy is a wonderful place to visit and I recommend it to you all. If history doesn't touch you, fair enough. If you aren't wowed by culture then that's also down to you. But you can't fail to be moved by the colours of Italy. They are truly beautiful.

Italy vs. Spain Euro 2012 Final. A fiery atmosphere (hardy ha ha).

Ok, I couldn't resist putting a little foodie shot in! Wish you could've smelt this stuff. The most fragrant basil I've ever taken a whiff of.

Religious graffiti in the heart of Rome. 

The Colosseum in 38c+ sunshine. You could just feel the history. And the heat.  

Lake Garda, looking like something out of the tropics!

The glorious sunset I witnessed on the boat back from Venice


The Trevi Fountain. Threw a whole handful of coins in.  

Verona Opera. Brilliant dancers in Carmen. 

If history doesn't quite manage to turn your head then the hues of Italia certainly will. They made me stop in my tracks and really appreciate the uniqueness of where I was.

I expect I'll be back to food tomorrow. That's if Italy isn't still on my mind.
L. xxxxx

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