A New Little Kitchen!

Friday, 20 July 2012

With my first year of University being over, it was time to move out of halls. I was pretty sad to leave. It was great being surrounded by so many people, sharing a common area with over a hundred other students, and of course having a lock on my door that I may have occasionally used to avoid irritating flatmates. Anyway, I've moved on to my first student house. Predictably, it is a little mouldy and the lighting is dingy and uncovered by shades BUT... The kitchen is brand new! 
So Lottie has a new Little Kitchen! Smaller than my one in halls, so still operating with tiny work spaces. But on the bright side, I am fairly confident that all my new housemates are very tidy and won't judge me for taking pictures of half prepared food. Relief!

So here is what I have to work with... 

Good solid microwave. Struggling to find witty, informative captions for these photos. They are fairly self explanatory.  

Fridge. Big fridge. 

New cupboards and oven! Hooray, foodlets, hooray! 

Need to christen this bad boy. I'm so tempted to do a pie. I know it's July but the weather is so awful all I want to do is eat pie. Saying that, I don't have a problem eating pie in nice weather too. Maybe it's just me...
I'll be back soon with kitchen adventures from my new granite tops. Giddy with excitement! I am probably one of the few students who is more excited about the new oven, and not the larger fridge for extended booze storage...
L. xxxx

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