The Jack Sandwich

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Yesterday was my boyfriends birthday. I was unaware before I met him, that there existed a 'Birthday Eve', a 'Birthday Day' and a 'Birthday Boxing Day'. Clearly I was of ignorant before he came into my life so I swiftly jumped to attention for the 3 day birthday marathon. Birthday Eve required a monster sandwich. A sandwich tailored for a man. A sandwich tailored for Jack. 
Requested ingredients: Ham and herby cheese.
Ingredients needed:
3 slices of bread per sandwich (I would suggest a nice crusty bread but Jack requested triangle sandwiches so had to use regular bread)
Punnet of cress
Punnet of micro leaf garlic chives (J is a big fan of garlic, only add these if you are too)
3 Sun dried tomatoes
5 Green olives
4 Slices herb crusted ham.
Half a pack of Le Roule (or Bousin)

This is a herby, garlicky MANWICH! May not be for everyone, but if you're into these flavours you will certainly be into this sandwich. 

Begin by spreading the cheese on the outer two pieces of bread. Then chop the cress out of its punnet and add to both slices.

Place the sun dried tomatoes on one side and two slices of ham on the other. 

Then chop your olives in half so they sit nicely in the middle of the sandwich.

Cover both sides of the middle piece of bread in cheese, place on top of the ham covered bread. Add more ham and the chopped olives onto the middle slice of bread. Then chop the micro leaf garlic chives out of their punnet and sprinkle on too.
Then simply place the last slice of bread on top and you have the Jack Sandwich.  

Naughty in every way. Only to be consumed as part of three day birthday celebrations. Any more and it's sinful!

A birthday recipe that will enchant all tomorrow, promise!
(Also won't need a supply of mints for hours after too...)

L. xxxxx

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