English Oreo Cheesecake.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

I have been ever so neglectful! I've been promising exciting recipes and have I delivered? No. Atrocious behaviour. I hope you'll take me back readers, I plan to win you over with the following post.
English Oreo Cheesecake. I'm a big fan of cheesecake and of Oreos so it seemed only logical to put the two together. The only reasons I call this recipe 'English' is because (to my knowledge) the internet is void of a UK Oreo Cheesecake. I am here to fill this void, UK measurements and all.

So, here is what you will need:

24 Oreo biscuits (or similar)
45g (3 tablespoons) butter
250g Cream cheese
150g Sugar
1 Teaspoon vanilla essence
3 Eggs

This recipe is actually very affordable, so no excuse not to give it a try, folks! I've made it even more affordable by substituting half of the Oreos with Tesco's Choco's. Cheaper alternatives masquerading as Oreo biscuits. 

Similar in both looks and taste. I can verify on both accounts. 
So, to begin, heat your oven to 175c. Make sure it isn't too hot. You do not want to overcook this.
Once this is done crush 16 of the Oreos. Most chefs will advise to do this in a resealable plastic bag. As I do not own one of these, I put them in a bowl and used my potato masher, inventive eh?

Make sure you crush the biscuits to a fine, crumbly consistency.

Once this is done, melt your butter and add to the crushed biscuits.

Use the mix to line the bottom of a springform tin. Press firmly down.

Now you have your base, you need the cheese that makes up the cake. Put the cream cheese, sugar and vanilla into a large bowl.

Now you need to beat this all together. I would advise to do this with an electric whisk. I cannot follow my own advice on this occasion as I do not own an electric whisk. The only option left to me was to get out the guns and whisk manually like mad.

Blurred photograph = super speed. 
Beat the three eggs in a separate bowl/mug and once the mixture is smooth, add them gradually to the mix. 

Beat again. BEAT IT! It doesn't matter who's wrong or right - just beat it, beat it... Thanks MJ. 

Once you've finished beating and singing Michael Jackson, crush up the remaining 8 biscuits. Then stir half of these into the mixture.

Pour the mix over your base. Will look delicious. Do not be tempted to eat the thing without baking it. You'll only regret it later. 

Sprinkle the other half of the crushed biscuits over the top. Again, resist scooping it up and gobbling away.

Bake for 40-45 minutes. Make sure not to overcook. The centre should be almost set. Leave to cool, break a little of the crust off to taste - I would advocate this step above all others. Refrigerate for at least 3 hours, although I would recommend overnight.

Cut into slices and serve to many to become everyone's favourite person.

Enjoy! Keep left over cheesecake in the fridge (haha, who am I kidding? As if anyone is going to have leftovers...)
L. xxxx 


  1. this is a fab recipe

  2. The Oreo Cheesecake was heavenly. No leftovers with the kids around. I just might have to make a personal sized one for myself, to be stashed in my secret hiding place. :D

    1. Brilliant! I'm so glad it was a hit.
      Personal stashes are a MUST in the Oreo cheesecake world! xx


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